Aloha Hawaii: Sept 7-16, 2017
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Based in NYC. Thomaso is a Long time NY's favorite and reliable Healing Massage Practitioner.

A true experience with Thomaso who is a well trained and skillful gay male masseur, fosters positive energy and values the exchanges between the giver and reveiver's energy dynamics, is worth more than money can buy because the feeling is immeasurable. HOTMEDNYC Healing experience will last you a lifetime. 

• FEEL transformed • 
Available by appointment only.

The future of men's health is here !!! Thomaso Hot Mediterranean and Sexy Masseur has been providing hands-on touch bodyworks services for a very long time.  Touch is prime and essential to life and lots of us in this world are touch deprived so Thomaso can bring to you the essence of life coupled with the science and art of any bodywork that he uniquely offers: sensual, intuuitive, caring and intimate massage, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, prostate and tantra massage. Touch is "Chi" in motion and an important ingredient in healing. Mutual Touching is encouraged as it heightens your massage experience. Go ahead, make the first move - Book today and feel better afterwards.

Thomaso is a long time experienced and skillful male masseur with unique and gifted practitioner's healing and incredibly sooting touch and not some other mechanical intervention! Thomaso is very respectful, kind and friendly. Discrete and confidential for almost 20 years.

All Thomaso's Hot Med NYC and Hawaii licensed Healing hands-on-bodywork is therapeutic, intuitive and skillfully advanced form of healing and highly trained massage therapy and other modalities catering to discerning men.

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